Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another night in South Zeal

Yes followers once again i'm visiting my brother in South Zeal this time i'm here to see my nephews school play, having helped him out with his lines. Of course no visit to my brothers would be complete without popping into the Kings Arms, i'm now being considered more of a local than my brother.
Two out of four of the ales on offer last night i have had many times before (Skinners Ginger Tosser and Otter Best) the other two were new Legend and Davenports Irish Whiskey Ale, whilst i wasn't overly keen on the Irish Whiskey Ale (not much taste of irish whiskey) the legend went down very well as did the Tosser and Otter. This may have contributed to my falling asleep before posting my previous post, and the slight foggy feel in my head this morning. Well it's now nearly lunchtime and i fancy a nice bacon sandwich so it's a walk to the village shop to get some bacon.


Firstly a big apology to anyone who has been trying to follow my blog for the lack of postings over the past two or three weeks, sadly work and other commitments have taken priority. However I've not abstained from the delights of the alcoholic substance over the past couple of weeks including joining the ranks of englishmen who become irish for one night a year, yes i joined the St. Patricks celebrations and consumed a few pints of the black gold known as guiness followed by a night cap of a large Paddy's whiskey.
Then yesterday i ventured into town for a few beers with a couple of friends, upon meeting the first friend we noted that a new bar had opened, well the bar previously known as Woody's which closed about 6 months ago had re-opened now known as the Apple and Parrot. First impressions upon entering were refreshing, whilst not fully finished (some work was still going on regarding the kitchen) the bar was clean, tidy and well presented. This bar is owned by the same owners that own another bar round the corner wellknown for its loud music and high bar prices, so i was pleasantly surprised to find that they not only sold three different ales but prices were not too exuberant, a pint of Bombadier cost £2.60, the most expensive was Courage Directors at £2.80, as well that they were serving Bays Gold. If you're more of a cider fan then they accomodate you as well with three different still ciders (including Thatchers Diesel, the only pub in Torquay serving this particular brew) along with Thatchers Gold and Pear cider and strongbow.
Food wise their plans for the future is to serve a varied menu but for now they serve only a cheese or meat platter, however there is the third option of having the two combined, all come available as a single portion or larger share size. Feeling a bit peckish i decided to opt for the single combined and was presented a few minutes later with a feast fit for a king. The barman warned me that the portion he had given me maybe on the large size but even if he had given me half of everything i would still have struggled, so my friend and i tucked into Devon Brie, red leicester and a smoked cheese, duck and orange pate,a generous slice of chicken and mushroom pie, slices of fresh-cut bloomer, with real-ale chutney as well as  cider chutney. The barman also informed us that they are going to try and sorce all their produce from local sorces. If the quality of what we had continues they should do very well and i wish them all the best, it makes a change to hear of a pub opening than the usual news of another one closing. My overall opinion can be summed up with a quote from Arnold, "I'LL BE BACK".
This posting is a day older than the posting date because i actually typed it up last night but dozed off before posting it, (more to do with the early start i had yesterday than the few beers i had last night, lol)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update from monday

For those that were following my blog on monday here are the final installments.
I left Exeter after choosing which direction to go, my next stop was the Mulberry Inn at Cheriton Bishop, unfortunately i didn't note what ale i was drinking. Then it was back onto the bus and on down to the village of Sticklepath where i popped in to the Taw River Inn this time i did make a note of what i was drinking, it was Dartmoors IPA, the last stop of the day was the Kings Arms where i was joined by my brother and enjoy pints of Olivers Nectar and Village Pride from the Clearwater brewery, and Dartmoor brewery's Jail Ale. We were also treated to some entertainment by the local folk and shanty group Mariners Away. Eventually we decided to head up the hill to my brothers and some much needed sleep to some-one sleep came quicker than others but i won't elaborate in case i embarass him.
So that was the finale to my epic journey, sorry to keep you all waiting.

Monday, March 1, 2010

on the road again

Just like that great 70's country song says i'm on the road again, i have no idea where my travels will take me apart from a stop at Totnes. I started at one of my frequent watering holes The London Inn in Torquay where i had to gulp down (i had ten minutes before the bus came) a pint of Dark Ness from the Red Rock brewery, this dark ale is made from a mix of pale, crystal and black malts, flaked and roasted barley with a blend of hops for a mouth fillingly smooth beer, which was awarded first place in the dark beers section of the 2007 South Devon CAMRA beer festival. My only complaint was that i had to rush it. I'm now seated on a stage coach bus heading towards Totnes (a great way to get around the pubs of Devon, a day explorer ticket costs only £6.50 and you can get on and off any bus (as long as it's a stage coach bus)within Devon for the rest of the day. Next stop Totnes in about 30 mins time.

OK now back on a bus on enroute to Exeter my stop in Totnes afforded me time to pay a quick visit to the Royal Seven Stars Hotel, with 4 ales on offer (Dartmoor Jail Ale,Bays Gold, Sharpes Doombar and i think it was Pedigree, my view didnt get past the Doombar or Jail pumps) i was slightly spoilt for choice but opted for the Doom a beer i know well and enjoy but was slightly taken aback by the £3.10 charge, but i ppose it is a hotel not a regular pub, next stop Exeter and probably one of the Wetherspoons bars for a beer and burger.

16.06 Exeter - The Georges Meeting Rooms
For the second time in less than a week i find myself in the city of Exeter and the Georges Meeting Rooms, this is my second stop in Exeter today, the first being The Chavalier (sadly their wifi isn't working so i had to wait till i got here to post) where i dinned on a gormet beefburger washed down with a pint of Spring Beer from the Wetherspoons Devon Beer festival. Brewed by the Exe Valley brewery using their own spring water it's a golden-yellowed coloured bitter with a malty, hoppy taste and sweetish finish.
My choice of ale here at the Georges is also from the Spoons festival and is called Guzzale, out of the Summerskills brewery in Plymouth. This is a light brown bitter with an enticing aroma, well balanced flavour with hoppy undertones developing into a pleasing toffee finish. So where to from here well it's back to the bus station to see what bus is in.

Tues 2 March
Well apologies to all who were following this blog after leaving Exeter i headed towards my brothers stopping off at a few watering holes along the way and ending up at the Kings Arms where my brother joined me and we consumed a few (cough, cough) more beers before returning to my brothers slightly inebriated. Ihad made notes on my phone of pubs visited and beers drunk but unfortunately my battery has died, i will update them when i get home and have charged my battery.