Friday, January 29, 2010

Reverend James

Today i'm writing from the little village of Sidford near Sidmouth, East Devon. Sadly i haven't visited any pubs here tonight but on the way here we stopped off at Budliegh Salterton and visited The Feathers, on High Street. As i was short on time (my friend was in the hairdressers opposite having his hair cut) i opted for the first ale i saw, which also happened to be an old favorate of mine from a pub i used to frequent in Torquay, Reverend James from S A Brains brewery. This easy drinking fruity bitter has a dark amber color with an off white head and would make a great session beer.
Whilst sitting and enjoying my ale i noticed about three other ale pump handles but from where i was sitting i couldn't see what they were offering. Having finished my beer i unwillingly got up and started making my way to the door knowing that my friend would be finished at the hairdressers. This is one pub i will need to return to so i will be able to give a more indepth posting on it and to sample another pint or two of the delightful Rev James.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

After work drinks

After a hard days work there's nothing better than sitting down with a pint of ale or two, so after finishing work at about 10 pm i decided to head into town for a couple of beers.
First stop was the Clocktower on Torwood Street near Torquays harbourside, a fairly regular haunt of mine. On offer is Fullers London Pride, although this is the only ale they offer it is always perfectly kept and served, and tonight was no exception.
And so on to another of my regular haunts JD Wetherspoons Lloyds no1 bar The Green Ginger, as is the norm for Wetherspoons pubs there was about 5 different ales on offer including Bays Brewery's Devon Dumpling and Breaker, Marstons Pedigree, Caledonian's Auld Aquaintance (specialy brewed for Burns night) and Ruddles Green King. However the only one i tried was the Auld Aquaintance which i found to be a very plesant amber coloured beer with a sweet nutty chocolate taste and a slight malty aftertaste. Very drinkable and very morish, however sadly because i have an early start tomorrow (8am, arrgghhh) i restrained myself. There's always tomorrow night.
OK now that was tonight but what of the future, well i intend to keep trying different ales in as many different bars as possible, it's gonna be a hard task, LOL.
I'm also gonna try and include links to the pubs i visit, breweries who's beers i'm tasting and hopefully some tasting notes, so please call back again.

Monday, January 25, 2010

First post

Welcome all. After trying to create a website for real ale drinkers, but finding costs and all that web design hassle too much,I have now decided to join the world of bloggers and my first blog is coming from my brothers place in the little village of South Zeal, about a 15 mins drive from Okehampton, Devon.
The village has two pubs and last night we visited the Kings Arms, although it was quiet (only three other customers) we were made to feel welcome by both landlord and customers.
There were four ales on offer, Dartmoor Brewery's Jail Ale, Skinners Heligan Honey, Otter Brewery's Otter Ale and O'Hanlons Goodwill. Whilst the Goodwill wasn't to our taste all three of the others went down exceptionally well (Jail and Heligan Honey being two of my favourites).
Whilst my brother has recently moved to the village and i am purely a visitor we felt none of the expected "They'm not from these parts" attitude, so a big thumbs up to the landlord, landlady and customers for making us feel so welcome.