Saturday, April 3, 2010


WOW!!! What a beer.
Tonight i had planned to go out for a drink after finishing work, but didn't get out as early as i thought i would and by the time i did get out i couldn't be bothered to walk into town for an hour or two, so i returned to my room where i had one bottle of beer left.
My last bottle was a Marston's Owd Rodger, when i bought this one i didn't look too closely at the label and so didn't spot the bit that said ABV 7.6%, so on spotting this tonight my first thought was not another foul tasting extra strong beer but was pleasantly surprised by this old style country ale. Brewed to a recipe believed to be over 500 years old it has an explosion of rich fruit flavours with a bitter sweet finish.
 A very palitable winter ale, my only complaint...... i only had the one bottle.

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